Through Memory Care Consulting, Megan Carnarius provides
a wealth of resources to businesses and caregivers in the
Alzheimer’s and Dementia community.


• Design and develop effective memory care programming
• Assess current programs
• Mentor memory care leadership and staff mastery
• Partner with owners/corporate providers on strategic implementations
• Provide educational lectures to increase visibility of your communities
• Seasoned trainer of Alzheimer’s Association’s “Leaders in Dementia care”

• Architectural planning and design
• Site and floor plan review
• Memory care area enhancements
• Expert support of land use entitlement

Professional Caregivers:
• Provide support for complex clients
• Case management partnerships
• Caregiver mentoring and training
• Assessment for short and long term planning


Family Caregivers:

• In-home consultations & family meetings

• Personalized care plans & follow-up support

• Advocacy and liaison support with care teams

• Caregiver mentoring and training

• Assessments for short and long term planning

• Trained over 3,000 memory care professionals across the United States
• Award winning memory care design facilities
• Over 600 keynotes, lectures and break-outs at local, state and national venues
• Over 22 years of direct operational management of memory care settings in skilled and assisted living.
• 33 years experience in geriatric nursing; pioneered use of aromatherapy, massage and other alternative 
   approaches in dementia care

• Published internationally the book
“A Deeper Perspective on Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias: Practical
   Tools with Spiritual Insights” Findhorn Press 2015. Learn more about the book at   •   Boulder, CO