Family Consultations

Megan works with individuals and families to assist with the follow areas:

  • Individuals faced with a memory care diagnosis

  • Families and friends wanting to support an individual with memory care concerns

  • Understanding the prognosis and path of the illness, wanting more information, education and the ability to plan for short and long term needs

  • Facing a difficult periods in the illness that need greater support, understanding and approaches which help navigate a challenging time

  • When is time to seek help, how to introduce more care

  • Assessing safety needs, emotional needs, physical care and where is the person in the disease process

  • Determining if residential placement is imminent and what would be the best options, settings and choices around long term care.

  • Planning care, Five Wishes, end of life, recommendations for legal matters

  • Caregiver support, education, strategies and self care opportunities

  • Periodic touch-in’s for the primary caregiver

  • Case management and referrals

  • Suggestions and approaches to care that support the whole person

Contact Megan to set up an initial 1.5 hour one-on-one session to determine your specific needs