Megan's Musings: 2017 in Review

Greetings everyone. How wonderful to be in touch again. We seemed to manage the Facebook updates related to Memory Care Consulting but found it challenging to get to this newsletter in 2017. So we’re starting a newsletter with the new year! Many of you attended a lecture or got in touch with us at Memory Care Consulting and expressed a wish to hear about educational opportunities that you might be able to attend, as well as other dementia news or events. We do not want to burden anyone with unnecessary communication and intend to send out this newsletter every other month to those who wish to receive it. Only six times a year.

Another challenge is some of you are on the Northwest area while others are in the Rocky Mountain region of the States. We will try to bring links to your attention for conferences and events in your area focused on dementia education, as well what is happening with Memory Care Consulting. If you are aware of something worthwhile and want to send me a link to post on future newsletters, please feel free to do so.

The first full year of Memory Care Consulting proved to be very full and productive. I gave 35 presentations, at conferences, single lectures and/or provided workshops. We were engaged for memory care design with three organizations and provided nurse consulting for seven organizations as well as memory care training for 10 organizations. We worked with senior centers, small group homes, as well as larger companies providing senior living services. I continued providing family consultations and also started working in person and online providing private family training for the first time. Some of the family was located remotely, but participated by Skype to successfully complete 16 hours together with a high level of personalization for their needs and questions. Thank you for your referrals and recommendations to individual caregivers, facilities and other companies, as well as to conference organizers. We appreciate it so much!

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