Training Programs

Memory Care Consulting can provide training for your organization which reinforces areas of management and information customized to your specific needs, including:

  • 1-2 hour Inservices

    • To help staff understand residents with dementia and other cognitive challenges.

    • To meet state’s requirements or recommendations for memory care training for staff.  Memory Care Consulting’s classes meet these standards.

  • 2-4 Hour Workshops

    • Can be presented on-site, in a company retreat, or conference venue. Topics can be explored more deeply, and tailored to the group’s need, such as:

    • Communication skills and effective responses to behavior challenges.

    • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and working with supporting strengths and positive outcomes during these interactions.

    • Staff’s important role in activities and programs, and how to enhance participation

    • Therapeutic elements underlying memory care design, such as reasons for the daily structure, and how staff can enhance these environments through the way they provide care.

  • 8 Hour Class - “The Spirit in Alzheimer’s”

    • Can be presented on-site, in a company retreat, or conference venue. Church groups have offered this class.  Can be split into two 4-hour sessions.

    • The Spirit in Alzheimer’s Training is a comprehensive 8-hour course covering the basics of dementia. In this curriculum, Megan discusses the umbrella term of dementia, including different types of the disease and the differences between normal aging and the progression of dementia. In addition, she covers communication tactics, family dynamics, behaviors, activities of daily living, nutrition, and quality of life.

    • This course includes elements for every learning style, including videos, activities, and storytelling, which keeps the participants interested and engaged. Megan is a passionate teacher, and brings a vibrant sense of humor and an ability to portray situations. Participants will leave the class feeling well informed with current information and more confident about working with individuals with memory loss.

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in having Megan provide one of these trainings for your staff or organization, please contact us today!